Pondicherry is a French party by the sea. It is subtle by cuisine and loud by architecture. Every corner, every promenade of the French quarter has a unique story. The Auroville ashram adds freedom to the sea breeze. We shall soak in the unique culture and walk by the serene beaches, all with fellow women only. Our mindsets of bringing women from diverse groups to meet and share more from local communities through sustainable and sensitive tourism should align in some sort of travel meet-cute. We hope it builds an ecosystem of women travelers who open up to the world and explore it with us or by themselves. We request women to avail this as an opportunity to further endeavors.For more details of the event :  http://bit.ly/36YESBtEvent Date : 24th & 25th January 2020ORCall / Whatsapp us @ 9154096611 / 9154096613 Thanks,

Srikanth Regadi | 9000527766

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