About The Event

Day of Girl is our attempt to champion the cause of women security. It is a trailblazing attempt to reclaim the spaces that belong to women…physically and emotionally.. It is our attempt to Guinness World Record where 3000+ march for the women safety. 

We, LifeOfGirl team, are working on women security and empowerment. We build technology and trained volunteer base to help women in emergency situations. On 30th August 2019, we are creating a gunnies book of world record with the participation of 3000 plus girls doing a fitness activity. Our aim is to spread awareness about fitness being the first step to women security. Stating the above. We are looking forward to collaborating with you to conduct the event. This event is a platform for girls and women to come together and share their experiences about gender based violence and harassment. It is also an opportunity for women and girls to identify what make them feel safe or unsafe in public spaces and to create recommendations to create safer communities for women 

Day of Girl – Defining fearless Women.

  • Women who live in fears
  • Women who calm their tears… Women who live with guilt
  • Women who are sensibly built…
  • It’s time to rise up for what you believe in…
  • It’s time to show….
  • Women is not weak…
  • Women is not piece to please…
  • Woman is everything that the world needs.

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