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  When one of the largest car rental companies based out of Hyderabad decides to create something new, what emerges is a powerful concept — DRIVEN … By you, as its name suggests, is an emerging model of self drive car rentals in India. Till recently, low cost manpower and easy availability of manpower ensured that the chauffeur DRIVEN services of car rentals was the cheapest, most widely available and defacto mode of hiring a vehicle in India. Not any longer… . Significant increases in the cost of manpower, an acute shortage in the availability of trained manpower and rising customer expectations on safety and comfort and ease of hiring meant that clients in India are now open to newer forms of getting their fix on cars than those that were available to them earlier. This is where DRIVEN steps in.   Parent Company   To know more about DRIVEN, we need to know a little about the parent companies. DRIVEN is brand owned by by 4 Wheel Travels. 4 Wheel Travels is one of the oldest and the largest car rental companies operating and based out of Hyderabad, owning the widest range of cars for any car & bus rental company in country. The verticals covered by it include chauffeur DRIVEN services, Premium car rental services, employee transportation, bus transportation & luxury bus rental services. DRIVEN was conceived with a mandate to operate in the sphere of Self drive rentals & experiential exotic car & bike rentals and aims to provide its clientele with the latest and best in 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers.   Why Self Drive?   Internationally, Self drive car rentals is the defacto mode of hiring a vehicle and the most widespread mode of hiring vehicles. This has been largely because of the extremely high cost of manpower and limited pool of trained and qualified manpower. India and other emerging Asian and African countries with large man power pools were bucking this trend till recently but with several opportunities opening up for man power because of the growth of other sectors, this condition has now reversed and the industry of car rentals is plagued with similar problems that had prompted the developed nations to move from chauffeur drive to Self Drive. The reasons to opt for Self drive in India could be summarized as below:   Get the feeling of driving one’s own car   Safety of driving yourself and not being dependent on manpower that one has no assurance of in terms of qualification, training, etc.   Privacy by not being in the company of a stranger who becomes privy to all the conversations in the vehicle.   Access to additional one seat to take in more of ones friend’s and family.   All time availability of the vehicle that is not dependent on the availability of the manpower.   One does not have to invest in a vehicle for short term requirements and does not have to go through the hassles of ownership.   Finally, lower cost of operation as fuel cost incurred is on actual running and not on package. Cost is also not paid by the hour and is for 24 hrs.   Why Driven?      DRIVEN provides the widest range of cars & bikes for any car rental company in the country.   Driven is India’s only integrated self mobility player offering all options of self wheeled transport under one roof, be it cars, bikes or bicycles.   Driven provides a commitment to provide cars with safety features like airbags, abs, ebd ( assuming such a feature set is being offered by the manufacturer of that particular model), a feature that is ignored by every other self mobility operator in the country. What this also does is provide the guests with the best feature set on the vehicles as well.   Multi location availability of fleet within a city) imparts ease and accessibility for renting of the vehicle with minimal hassle.   Presence in multiple cities.   An option to rent cars and bikes from the uber cool and unique Driven café, Indias first and only true biker centric café chain with a presence currently in Hyderabad & Bengaluru   All vehicles GPS tracked.   Availability of add on accessories on request like baby seats, navigational aides, etc.   Compliance as per Laws to ensure peace of mind.   Licenced vehicles for self drive rentals as per the Rent a cab provision in the law.   State of the art software being deployed soon to ensure that clients get the same preferred and international experience that they expect.   Availability of long term & short term leasing options   Promoters with almost 40 years of experience in car rentals.   Reasonable cost and terms. So, with a compelling business case and scalable model, DRIVEN aims to be the preferred choice for locals and travellers across the country for their mobility needs, when it needs to get done in safety and style. Why Buy? Why Lease?Just Drive….DRIVEN…by you.Driven By You Mobility LLP