Unicare Integrated Facility Services Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by group of experts in the field of hospitality services having decades of experience in managing “Facility Management Services” in multinational companies of similar nature. The company is based at Chennai and has a strong back up of experts in similar and supportive field.

            Unicare Facility does a thorough analytical survey of the internal structure of your enterprise to understand the core and the peripheral functions. Once the peripheral functions are identified, we act swiftly to transform them into our core functions leaving your enterprise free to focus on its core competencies. We offer an exhaustive range of services that range from services like Housekeeping, security, catering, pest control, maintenance & engineering, landscaping, customer service. Our integrated service delivery model includes a wide range of services such as FMS, Housekeeping Services, Security Services, Property Management Services, Office Support Services, M&E Services, Pest Control Services, Disinfection Services and Customer Support.

It is a management practice that enables business organizations to cope with their stress and work in a cleaner and organized atmosphere. It provides support to firms from different sectors depending upon their size and requirements and ensures equal stability, comfort.

We are a leading organization that provides each primary facility to several customers. Unicare provides the Top Facility Management Companies in Hyderabad. We have successfully managed and coordinated with organizations from years of experience and implemented outstanding facilities for them.

We focus on the competitive market and deliver top-quality management services. Our services include security management, property management, FMS, Office support services, and more. Our management services are reliable and provide a good quality experience to our customers. We also have a big networking platform where we discuss the enhancement of services keeping in mind recent trends. Unicare provides M&E and other facilities with a wide range of custom services for our clients with in-house electricians and gym assistants, housekeeping services, and customer support.