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JUG Hyderabad: A Java Community (Java User Group) in Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana. The group focuses and promotes Java and related technology in and around Hyderabad. It’s a group of professionals, businessmen, students who use Java in day-to-day life as a profession, hobby or as a job like to learn and spread the technology.


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Deep Dive Into Junit5


Details- This is a free event -* You can win a Jetbrains license and subscription to agilelearner.com by attending this meet-up *Agenda:1. JUnit5 Architecture, JUnit4 vs JUnit5 architecure2. Quick Walkthrough of JUnit5 setup in Intellij Idea3. JUnit Basic Annotations (@Test, @DisplayName, @DisplayNameGenerator, Lifecycle Hooks, @Nested etc.,)4. JUnit5 Assertions5. JUnit5 Assumptions6. Advanced Annotations (@Tag, @TestFactory, @RepeatedTest, @ParameterizedTest, @ExtendWith, @RegisterExtension)7. JUnit 4 to JUnit5 migration (Time permitting)Speaker Bio:Khaja Mohammed is a member of the Solutions Architect Team (Testing) at Cognizant Technology Solutions with an overall of 13+ years of experience in the software industry. Khaja has designed and developed automation solutions for web, desktop, mobile and api for various clients. He’s a Blockchain, AI & ML enthusiast and conducts meetups on Blockchain regularly.Gentle Reminder:We request all to follow general meeting etiquette in the meeting. Respect individual and personal viewsCome to the meetings on time. We are ok with 15 minutes deviation. However any further delays will make the meeting irrelevant for you and un-necessary distraction for the speaker and the audience.If you change your mind after RSVPing on the meetup please un RSVP. It helps in keeping track of the head count. We don’t always get a bigger venue and its a last minute hassle to accommodate everyone in the meeting.