Today’s business and marketing requirements are vastly different from those of yesterday. To hold your ground, you need skill and some imperative guidelines. Although content marketing has become a widespread, mainstream practice for some time now, companies require some solid strategies to turn their content into leads, and then revenue.

One needs to understand the importance of many factors in a highly evolved industry, before shaping his content around them.

The importance of a written plan

The days of carefree-writing without prior planning and strategizing are long gone. Today’s industry is stiffer and more demanding, and the prime requirement for anyone is a solid understanding of his market and his approach towards it.

According to a recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute, a major component of success in the marketing realm was a written strategy. The institute emphasized the importance of a written strategy over merely a verbal one, to guide your efforts. The survey discovered that a vast 83% of content marketers came to the playing field with a good strategy. The survey also unveiled that 60% of businesses found a written strategy to be highly effective

As a marketer, you have to have an insight into the pool of audience you hope to tap into, and the necessities that they demand. This enables you to direct your efforts to the right area and to strengthen your hold on it.

The importance of mobile compatibility

Almost half of the traffic on websites comes not from laptops or PCs, but from people’s personal mobiles. Keeping this in mind, marketers need to ensure that their content is mobile-compatible. This does not mean having a mobile app yourself, but texturing the content in a manner that it suits mobile visitors.

In order to sustain the flow of mobile visitors to your website, you need to understand exactly what preferences and what difficulties a person have when reading your stuff through his smartphone. After analyzing this, you need to enhance the layout of the content to make it more mobile-friendly. As a marketer, one needs to gain oversight of the circumstances in which audiences consume his content, to improve upon the results.

With a majority of internet users now turning to their smartphones to regularly access the net, markets need to ensure that their efforts are equally compatible with this new realm. Here are some tips to bring content to a better functional level in mobiles:

  • Make sure the buttons on the page are easy to operate for smaller screens, and ensure that the font is readable for smaller screens as well.
  • Develop snappy headlines that will get mobile users to click through
  • Consider using geolocation technologies to increase engagement with customers
  • Utilize micro-video as a way to improve engagement.

Understand the shelf-life of your content.

The shelf life refers to the span of time in which a particular piece of content remains relevant in the world. Understanding this is a very vital element in maximizing content marketing productivity. Before developing content for the world, you need to study the market and the trends afloat on the web. Like any product available for public, the longer the timespan where it is in high demand, the better. After having a view of the topics that would appeal to people in the long run; narrow down to the ones most suitable for your business.

Understand the entire process around manufacturing your content

Apart from writing, there are more steps in this entire process that marketers engage in. This could include publishing, promotion, and revision. All of these are the key to the success of the content, as the writing component is.

Organizing these steps with a clear map of the entire process is vital to success. This oversight enables you to build and utilize your content in the most effective manner and also prevents you from missing important steps in the entire marketing process. To lay out an example, some of the vital stages in the life cycle of your content involve writing, publishing, distribution and promotion, measuring its effectiveness, revision, etc.

Develop a table and a schedule for all the stages helps to bring efficiency into the procedure. Through this, one can keep understand the gaps that may exist in each of these steps, and address them specifically.

Review how your content is used by customers

The core of a successful content strategy is a strong knowledge of how visitors consume your content. This allows you to build a better relationship with customers on the lines of their needs and preferences. Conduct a research on what your customers prefer with respect to the tone of your content, the themes that you discuss, along with the format. The effectiveness of videos, images and etc. should also be determined with respect to the audiences’ reception. Today’s digital landscape allows for a variety of modes through which content is accessed, and as a result, you also need to understand the largest avenues through which they reach you, such as social media and your website. This basic understanding of the parameters in which your content is received allows you to enhance its response and to strengthen the relationship with your audiences.

Content marketing is now a diversified and vast field. The tools and resources at our disposal are enormous, and using them in the right manner can make a strong impact on your readers. These basic factors enable anyone to understand, plan and approach content marketing for business success as well as a lasting reader influence.