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India is a treasured country where history still seems to be living in the present…..a visit to any of the best and the most beautiful historical places will reveal this fact…Yes, here in India are a large number of historical or cultural places which are just known for their beauty and splendor. The oldest and the most time-lashed places can take anyone into the bygone days and can even impel anyone to ponder over how the life was in the past or how the people were etc. Going to some of these places can weave up the magic of the wondrous era…..Why visit places of historical grandeur?Cultural history of this great land, India, defines values such as love, affection, respect, religion, empathy, struggle, battles, peace etc. This land of ours is just incomparably famous for so many of its historical places. It is just rightly called “a mosaic of cultures & customs.” It is just simply known for its gallant beauty, known for a large number of architectural or archaeological places where the history seems to breathing in as usual or as before. Nearly all of the states in India are studded with historical places where one may find forts, tombs, temples, mosques etc. Diversity in charm and uniqueness in beauty just simply enthrall one and all.Purpose of RICH: This group is for all those who nurture a kind of wish somewhere in the corner of their heart to explore and experience the cultural heritage in a unique way. We, RICH, are here for all those who would love to learn from what the history has left behind. We aim to visit places of historical significance and recollect the history with practical experience.Vision – RICH: The real purpose to visit the most dipped-in-history places is to learn more about them. Visiting historical places really will spark myriad educational advantages. RICH will also try to visit even those places which are left unrecognized or which have been poorly valued. RICH will leave no stone unturned to gather as much info as possible in order to restore the significance which certain places deserve…..