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Visa and Immigration

Tourist Visa | Visit Visa

Individual’s who wish to enter other country to visit friends and family or explore the tourist places for a shorter duration can apply for visit visa or tourist visa. This visa allows travelers to be in the country for a limited duration for visit, tourism and leisure temporarily.

Immigration | PR

Immigration is the movement of individuals to a destination country of which they are not resident or citizens. People migrate for great job market and plenty of opportunities for professionals. As an immigrant, you and your family will benefit from world-class teaching and great quality of life.

Business Visa | Work

A Business visa is a short-stay visa, which permits its holder to enter and remain in the country up to 30-90 days within 6 months unless, it is not specified differently in the visa sticker. It is issued to people who come to business meetings, sign contracts, etc. With Work visa an individual gets work permit that enables you to enter into a overseas country and work there for a specific period of time.


  • Tourist Visa – Tourist visa is an official government document that allows travelers to be in the country for a specific duration for tourism and leisure temporarily.

  • Visit Visa- A Visitor visa grants you a formal consent to visit your friends, family members and relatives, or any other known person who is residing in another country for a restricted time period.

  • Business visa – Business visa grants you an official authorization to visit a country with a specific business agenda for a limited period. Business visa lets a person attend business meetings with clients in another country, to attend conferences or participate in Expo etc.

  • Immigration – Immigration Programs enables a potential skilled worker apply for Permanent Residence based on their skill set and capabilities to settle in a country of their choice permanently.


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