Tarangi is a Luxury Resort in Jim Corbett National Park, with all the modern amenities near Kosi River. Best Resort for Destination Wedding at Jim Corbett.Allow your senses to soak in the spirit of the Corbett National Park where nature is at its very best as the birds sing in harmony and the only sounds you would hear are of the whispering winds and splashing water! Discover it all woven together in the architecture, food, culture, art and adventure experiences.Situated at the threshold of the wildlife sanctuary with the views of river Kosi and Sitabani forest, Tarangi Resort & Spa is a quiet haven for nature lovers, photographers, couples, and families.

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Address: Tarangi Resort & Spa P.O. Dhikuli, Ramnagar District-NainitalPhone: +91-9711770550Website: https://tarangiresort.com/