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Telangana Corporate Premier League (Season -3)

Are you bored with corporate life? Looking for a break/refreshment then here is the chance Want a second chance to pursuit a life in Serious cricket then here is a chance 7h sports is organizing TCPL for corporate employees

Concept :

Telangana Corporate premier league is T20 cricket league, this league is for people working in corporate companies to bring talent from corporate. Currently, there are many corporate leagues are taking place all over the city where one team come from one company which play with the team of another company. Introduced in 2017 first time in Telangana presented a new concept for cricket league where a player registers individually to the league through the registration process. After that player goes around with different levels of Selections scrutiny process where a group of 362 cricketers (including 50 Standby Players) people are selected which will be divided in to 24 franchises of 13 (9 Players from Corporate and 4 Players from Open Category under Age 25 Graduates) players each where 32 players are kept as reserve for later purpose use. This scrutiny process is done by the high level committee’s (5Men Selection Committee) former members from HCA and current BCCI Level-II Coaches.

TCPL started in the year 2017 initiated by 7H Sports Events and Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Founder and Director Mr B. Venkatesh a cricket frantic and sports lover are very excited to inform that both the seasons of TCPL 1 & 2 witnessed over 500 employees from about 154 corporate companies showcasing their talent. Mr Venkatesh is very confident that TCPL would lay a platform for the companies to provide jobs opportunities under sports quota which we have selected for open category players. TCPL – Season 3 will have 24 teams, with a total of 362 cricketers (including 50 Standby Players) showcasing their talent and sweating it out for the title in December – January Month.

Note: Selections Venue and date will be announced 7 days after completion of Registrations.


  • This league will follow all the rules which are widely accepted across the nation made by ICC.
  • We will be using White glace ball on a turf wicket.
  • All matches will be played in ground built at city outskirts except opening and closing matches which will be played in LB stadium.
  • All the matches will be played between Dec-Jan months of 2019-20.
  • All the matches will be conducted on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) only.
  • Official HCA umpires refry services will be taken for this league.
  • Scrutiny of the players will be done only on their merit in the game only during the scrutiny process which will be done by high-level committee (5 Men Selection Committee) former members from HCA and current BCCI Level-II Coaches.
  • Registration fees will not be refunded if the player is not selected in the scrutiny process.
  • Every year will be conducted this league.
  • There is no age restriction here it is open for all.
  • Anyone (State, National player) throughout the nation can register for this league, the only condition is that he is a corporate employ (out of 13 team players 9 from corporate).
  • For the winning team along with trophies, attractive cash prize will also be awarded.
  • If any player got selected for the league Except Reg fee TCPL will not charge any other fees
  • TCPL trophy and the cash prize will remain with the franchise owner only. And 25% match fee will distribute players from cash prize to winner & runner-up team according to winning cash prize amount (Note: Match will be decided according to players attendance in each match)
  • Refreshment for every match will be provided by the Franchise owner only as per TCPL Franchise guidelines.
  • One Pair of jersey and track will be provided to all selected players for throughout the league from their franchise.
  • Every player should have his own kit for every match.
  • Depending upon your form (again you need to fill the form at the time of sections) input we have built teams accordingly.
  • Rating will be given by TCPL selection committee based on your performance & Discipline in the league. Preference will be given accordingly for the next season.
  • Each and every player will get TCPL participation certificate at the end of the league during the closing ceremony.
  • Basic first aid kit will be provided by all the teams, any kind of injuries happening to the player during the matches played is solemnly responsible for it, not TCPL, so the player is conscious.
  • Ball to ball live updates, scores, analysis can be checked through our app provided by our technology partner.
  • This league news is covered by Electronic & Print Media
  • If a person is found in forgone any of the details they will be barred from the league.

Disclaimer 1: I hereby with my full consciousness declare that I will abide to all above-mentioned points throughout the league.

Disclaimer 2: Those who accept these terms will continue in the league player who got selected in TCPL

Disclaimer 3: Those who will violate to above points will be disqualified from the present and further season also.